Point API predicts what you want to write and suggests text for you to use. After plugging in the API, you receive suggestions that you can just click or tap to add it to your writing. This means you won’t have to write everything from scratch, saving you time to focus on more meaningful tasks! You can connect to the API from any online writing platform - Facebook Messenger, Slack, Gmail, an iPhone app, your company’s internal messaging tool, etc.
How our API works.
We begin with the training process. Point API must analyze text you’ve written in the past in order to learn your writing habits and patterns. You start by uploading your documents through our secure portal, which can be a wide variety of sources like your emails, chat logs, text messages, or blog posts. Our system then trains a series of AI models and saves them into a single user profile, which generates highly-personalized suggestions for you when you use the API.
Now you’re ready to receive autocomplete suggestions! You start by establishing a communication channel to the Point API through a WebSocket. As you write, Point API analyzes the text you’ve written so far and sends you a list of autocomplete suggestions, which can be phrases, sentences, or even entire messages. It adapts suggestions based on the context that you’re writing about. For example, if you’re typing a response to an email about scheduling a meeting, Point API suggests sentences like “When are you available?” and “Yes, that time works for me!”
As you use Point API, you can continue to send us data to help us get better. Point API can ingest more documents and learn from your behavior to improve its AI models. For example, you can send us positive or negative feedback for each suggestion, which helps the AI models learn your preferences. The more feedback you give us, the better we get!
It's Easy to Get Up and Running!
Websockets API
Integrate directly with our Websockets endpoints to implement Point API anywhere with an internet connection.
Javascript SDK
Node package that allows easy suggestion retrieval and seamless context updates.
React Component
Everything is built for you just use a function call for immediate integration.