Why does Point need access to your Gmail account?

In order for our AI to learn how you like to speak, we need to connect to your Gmail account.

Point doesn't have access to your Gmail password Point is not in the business of selling your data to third parties
Only automated software connects to your Gmail We don't share your browsing data with third parties
No one at Point reads your emails We don't share your email data with third parties
Point doesn't store your attachments or private information, e.g. SSN Point never sends emails on your behalf
You can remove Point permissions at any time via the Google permissions page and delete your data via your Point settings
Privacy and Security
All of your data is securely encrypted with SSL.
Email privacy
We don't store your attachments or private information, like your bank account or your SSN.
GDPR compliant
We are compliant with the EU GDPR Data Protection Law.