We’re dedicated to your success.
Founded in 2016 out of research at MIT, Point API is committed to creating the best intelligent response generator in the world.
We're building artificial intelligence to understand how you like to communicate, and make it as easy as possible for you to do so.
Point API is backed by blue chip investors, including Slow Ventures, Graph Ventures and Y Combinator.
Our Team

Filip Twarowski — CEO

Fil is an MIT mathematician and aerospace engineer. He’s gathered experience in big data, statistical modeling and natural language processing while working for NASA and Quantlab Financial. He organized events with over 6,000 attendees in the past.

Lambert Chu — CTO

Lambert is a computer scientist from MIT and is now driving the complex design and implementation of Point's architecture. Prior to co-founding Point, Lambert worked at the MIT Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, Goldman Sachs, Ultimate Software, and Celect.

Cristina Aggazzotti — Computational Linguistics Scientist

Cristina is a linguistics research scientist who helps specialize the product for our individual users. She has a Ph.D. in Linguistics, an M.S. in Cognitive and Decision Sciences, and B.A.s in Applied Mathematics and Linguistics.

Pavel Pleskov — Machine Learning Scientist

Pavel is a Data Scientist and a Kaggle Grandmaster. Currently, he ranks 3rd in the world on Kaggle. He holds an M.S. degree in Mathematics and an M.A. degree in Economics. Prior to joining Point, Pavel worked as a Quantitative Researcher in HFT funds.

Przemek Kuczynski — Software Engineer

Przemek is a full stack developer and DevOps engineer at Point. Graduating from the University of Warsaw, he worked in Samsung R&D on its Smart TV embedded web browser, leaving a few opensource contributions to the WebKit project. Over the next three years, he broadened his field of expertise in energy industry at ConnectPoint, where he worked on specialized systems for power plant data collection & visualization and real-time data GIS systems for the biggest district heating network in Europe.

Adam Grabowski — Software Engineer

Adam is a software engineer from Princeton, working on full stack development at Point. Prior to Point, Adam worked in the biomed industry at Genospace, where he focused on developing matching and searching algorithms centered around patient data as well as robust user facing applications used by doctors and cancer researchers.

Our Advisors

Richie Mathews — Business Advisor

Richie has over 10+ years of experience taking products global. At Yahoo! he currently runs all partnerships for Artificial Intelligence, bots and messaging as a conversational UX platform. He is also a Senior Advisor at Mantra Partners.

Ken Arnold — Science Advisor

Ken has a PhD from Harvard in Intelligent Interactive Systems. He is researching people work with intelligent systems, and has collaborated with MIT Media Lab, Harvard and Microsoft Research.

Michael Ferguson — Customer Advisor

Proven executive leader with over 20 years of experience in customer operations, call center management, technical support, sales and marketing. Highly motivated and influential leader with proven capability of driving results, setting strategic direction and leading tactical operations. Currently Senior Director of Customer Success and Support and Site Lead at SolarWinds.
Our Home Base
Our team is based in Cambridge so that we can stay close to our alma mater and the brightest individuals in the world. We are passionate about making Point the best product you’ve ever used - through dedication and hard work on seriously challenging tech.